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Hi all, I’ve posted some pictures in our gallery of the aftermath of Ike. I’ll post some explanation a little later after I get back to OKC. It’s amazing what you learn about mooring in a hurricane after you get through one. Until the next post enjoy the pictures…well maybe not enjoy but hopefully appreciate. Heres one of Cannibal and the boats on our pier. Click to enlarge.


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The marina we live in is Kemah which is on Clear Lake, just off Galveston Bay. Ike came right through. The kids and I were already in OKC and John was in New Orleans at training. John flew into Houston Thursday after his final class to clear things off the boat. He rented a car and packed it full of anything valuable that we had not already taken off. He left the boat on Friday morning to ride out the storm at some friends of ours’ house in Kingwood which is northeast of Houston.

He drove down to check on the boat this morning and got to Kemah around 3:00pm. He met up with some of our boat neighbors, and they waded out to the boats to see what the damage was. Cannibal was in GREAT shape! The worst damage to the boat was a surface scratch from a neighbors boat bumping ours. None of our mooring lines broke, and he can’t find any damage. Praise God!!!

Bad news: the piers in the marina are totally gone, and there is floating debris everywhere. He said there is part of the dock stuck under our bow and he is going to try to move that out before the tide goes down. Unfortunately, some of the other boats in the marina did not fare so well… some broke loose, some were sunk, some of the pilings broke which caused the boats tied to them to slam around a bunch.

Looks like it we’ll be getting new piers—–someday! I’m just extremely thankful to God for sparing our home.

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Well, after living aboard in a marina for over a month now, we have decided to sell Cannibal. It has been a hard decision to reach because we have had such great times on this great boat. I can’t imagine a better cruising boat.

However, we will not be cruising again in the easily foreseeable future.  As much as we love the boat, it just doesn’t make sense to hang on to it for several years until we are ready to cruise again. With three kids to school and a job to do and cars and gasoline and all the other trappings of life back in the “real” world, we need to transition our energy and resources to other things. We are praying for a buyer to come along who will take her back out cruising. That is where she belongs and that is what she does best. We have had some great experiences while aboard and it is our wish that another family will be able to have great experiences with Cannibal too.

If you know anyone who is looking for a boat, send them our way. The details of the boat are on the s/v Cannibal page of this blog and of course, there are lots of pictures in the gallery. We are asking $180,000 which we believe is quite a bargain based on our experience and the other boats that are available on the market.

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We survived the Gulf of Mexico once again, and once again it wasn’t fun. Oh well, whatdya gonna do? There wasn’t a lot of wind, and half the time, the current was pushing us in the wrong direction. However, we got to see a water spout; we also experienced a line of squalls (brief storms with high winds and sometimes rain). The winds were at least 30 knots, but it was brief and provided some much needed excitement, and a cool breeze.

Cannibal is “home” in Kemah, Tx at a marina for a few months. We will be in the process of transitioning back into “normal” life. Currently, we are in OKC picking up our boys, our dog, and our truck. We really like the marina so far. The pool is right by the boat, the restrooms/showers are nice, the other liveaboards are nice, there are a few other doggies… I think it’s going to be good.

Now it’s time to raise ministry funds and acquire a vessel large enough to carry supplies to missionaries. We have plenty of items ready to go… we just need God to provide the ship and the funds. John will be working on raising funds and booking speaking engagements, and looking for a ship. Vacation is over, its time to work!! You can keep up with the ministry progress at www.sevenseasministries.us!

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Since I haven’t had email service to update you on the following day’s events, I thought I would humor you with …the rest of the story! Read the rest of this entry »

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In my previous post I mentioned that the boys were flying to OKC from Key West. We were in Marathon at the time I posted. Since then, we moved the boat down to Key West to get them to the airport. The saga begins:

We called around to find out what it would cost to take a taxi from the dinghy dock to the airport to drop off the boys. It was $37.50! So, we called around to find out what it costs to rent a car for a day. Turns out, we could rent a car for 24 hrs for the same price. Great! Now the only problem is how to get to the airport to get the car. They have a shuttle service. Great! The guy at the desk told us to call 30 minutes before we needed to be picked up. No problem… Read the rest of this entry »

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