This is the scenario:

Every other boat we know of: “We just saw whales breach”; “They’re all around us”; “They’re leaping just to our port side”; “We spotted them jumping out of the water at the south end of the island”; “We saw them coming out of the channel at Salt Cay”..


You read it right—-NOTHING!

We look.

We’re armed with binoculars.

We have the camera ready, yet nothing.

Kalida sees whales; Toucan sees whales (twice); Pau Hana sees whales; Cannibal –sees no whales.

What’s the deal? This is mating season… this is their mating & calving thoroughfare. They’re out there leaping and playing. Why don’t they want US to see them (must be said with a pathetic, self-pitying pout)?

I have seen the bottom of our boat while out snorkeling. It is big and black and could be mistaken for a whale (if you’re a lower life form–work with me). Perhaps, the whales are more intelligent than they let on, and can leap out (only when we’re not looking, of course) and read the name of our boat; but, since they are not as intelligent as humans, they don’t know that we aren’t another whale, and we aren’t going to eat them, so they are afraid of us–avoiding us at all costs.

That is the only logical explanation because there is no reason why we shouldn’t have seen them (said with an angry, self-pitying stomp of the foot, two year old tantrum flair)!

Stay tuned, and for Pete’s sake… PRAY—it’s not for my benefit (grin), it’s for the children. I want them to have the experience of seeing a real live whale out in the real live ocean with their very own eyes. You may all anxiously await the post that declares, “Thar she blows!”

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