We just dropped our anchor in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. We are anchored right across from the cruise ship dock. It’s beautiful here. We walked around the dock area, but most shops/stores close at 5:00pm, so we just walked around. It’s very clean, and landscaped. We saw grass that was put there on purpose and cared for, and lots of pretty flowers. Culebra was very dry and had a lot of cacti.

We were waiting around in Culebra for a new used mainsail that John bought online. Hopefully, he will write a post about blowing out our main… anyway. He paid for 2 day air fedex shipping, but when we went into town to pick it up we discovered that it would be another 8 days before it got here. Apparantly, when you select 2 day shipping for Puerto Rico, it’s because it costs more to ship it here, but it doesn’t mean it arrives in 2 days. It’s really “ground” speed at “air” price. So, instead of hanging around Culebra any longer, we decided to head for the Virgin Islands. We could see St. Thomas in the distance, and the temptation was too great.

We will stay here a day or two, then head to St. John for a couple of days, then possibly hit some of the nearby BVI’s. After that, the sail should have arrived and we’ll go back to Culebra to pick it up. Then, home (wherever that will be).

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