The marina we live in is Kemah which is on Clear Lake, just off Galveston Bay. Ike came right through. The kids and I were already in OKC and John was in New Orleans at training. John flew into Houston Thursday after his final class to clear things off the boat. He rented a car and packed it full of anything valuable that we had not already taken off. He left the boat on Friday morning to ride out the storm at some friends of ours’ house in Kingwood which is northeast of Houston.

He drove down to check on the boat this morning and got to Kemah around 3:00pm. He met up with some of our boat neighbors, and they waded out to the boats to see what the damage was. Cannibal was in GREAT shape! The worst damage to the boat was a surface scratch from a neighbors boat bumping ours. None of our mooring lines broke, and he can’t find any damage. Praise God!!!

Bad news: the piers in the marina are totally gone, and there is floating debris everywhere. He said there is part of the dock stuck under our bow and he is going to try to move that out before the tide goes down. Unfortunately, some of the other boats in the marina did not fare so well… some broke loose, some were sunk, some of the pilings broke which caused the boats tied to them to slam around a bunch.

Looks like it we’ll be getting new piers—–someday! I’m just extremely thankful to God for sparing our home.

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