I’ve been corresponding with some folks in Pensacola about a sailboat they have for sale. It seems to fit the criteria that we are looking for. The owners, C.A. and Bettie Derivas have actually sailed this boat around the world twice. It is 54′ long and was custom designed and built to be a fast cruising boat based on lessons that C.A. learned from a previous circumnavigation (voyage around the world) aboard a smaller boat. They were very encouraging to us in our plan and their boat, Cannibal, could be just the ticket. It is not easy to find a boat that is truly ready to cruise. Most boats are used as marina condos or weekend daysailors. Those types of boats, although fundamentally seaworthy, usually require lots of refitting and outfitting to make them truly ready for bluewater (ocean) cruising. Cannibal seems to be ready to go in all respects except that she needs new working sails. She appears to have the accommodations we need to stay sane on a long voyage; 3 separate staterooms for us, the boys, and Kimi. Adequate water and fuel storage. Adequate storage for food and supplies. Heavily built rigging and high quality ground tackle (anchors and such). And a proven record underway in all sorts of weather. She is also fast and has a shallow draft which combine to increase the simplicity and enjoyment of time at sea and in new places overseas.

The asking price is somewhat out of our price range but sailboat prices are very negotiable and besides; God is able to supply the boat we need. If this is it, He will supply the means to get it. We are looking at our schedule to find a time to drive down to Pensacola and take a look at it. We’ll keep you posted!

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