Do you ever feel like you’re in Seinfeld’s bizarro world? I went to the high school to find out what I needed to do to get a copy of Travis’ transcript. I mentioned to the counselor what we were doing and that we most likely would not be back this year, so I would homeschool while we were gone and I would need to get his transcript to have for whatever school we end up in. Her first response to me was, “You need to be aware that the state of Oklahoma does not recognize homeschool.” Knowing that Oklahoma is one of the most homeschool friendly states, I was SHOCKED by her comment. I wasn’t quite sure how to respond! All I said was, “WOW! That’s certainly new news to me!” Anyway, after the conversation continued, I figured out that what she meant was that we couldn’t re-enroll Travis without him taking proficiency tests (which I was already aware of). She must have thought that I didn’t know that. Anyway, my first reaction was “where am I? Did I just enter some alternate universe where I know nothing and what I do know is wrong?”

Part 2: Travis and I leave the high school to go to Blockbuster. We pick out a movie and Mike and Ike’s (’cause every event is enhanced with Mike and Ike’s). We get to the checkout and I tell the guy that I had lost my card years ago and asked if he needed my license. He said no (a first, ’cause they always need my license if I don’t have my card) and said he just needed my last name. He couldn’t find our name in the “system” and told me that if I hadn’t rented at their location within the last 3 months that I would have been cleared out. No problem, I can understand that. I told him the last store I had rented from just a few days earlier. But THEN, he tells me that their systems are not connected!!! and that each store is separate from each other that they don’t interact!!!!! Yeah, right. A WORLDWIDE FAMOUS CHAIN doesn’t have the ability to share information!!!!!!!! Bizarre! Especially since I have rented movies from at least 4 other Blockbusters in the area with no problem whatsoever–even when it’s my 1st time to rent, they say, “no problem, I just need your ID.” Boom…there you go. But not this time…NO, I’m in Shirley’s Bizarro world! Oooooo….spooky!

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