Good news! I spoke with the Coast Guard today and received approval to take the tests to renew my license. We hadn’t anticipated any problems but the approval has taken almost a month so we were anxious to hear back from them. Now I need to begin in earnest studying for the tests. Yes that’s plural. Since my license had expired more than a year ago, I must take ALL of the original tests over. Yikes! It will consist of about 8 or 9 different tests taken morning and afternoon for four days.  I’m not sure yet when I’ll be scheduling them. I’ve got some studying to do.

The good thing is that this is a significant step for our ministry. Once my license is renewed, I’ll be qualified to act as captain of the ship we eventually get for Seven Seas Ministries. It’s very exciting to think about that day getting closer. In the mean time, the studying and license renewal will also help ensure that I am ready to captain our family sailboat on our upcoming voyage.

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  1. colquitt says:

    Study hard! I might work on my upgrade so I can be your relief captain. I talked to Coast Guard last month, can get my 500 ton in a little over a year, my 1600 in about 3. Who knows?? I like the schooner in your picture above, what kind is it? I bet it’d make a sweet SV Votaw…

  2. Daddio says:

    Sounds good to me!

    I don’t know what vessel that is in the picture. I just liked the way it looked. Soon we’ll be showing pictures of ours!

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