Well, it’s been a while since we’ve posted an update. We’ve been painting woodwork in the house, and painting woodwork in the house, and painting woodwork in the house, you get the idea. But we did take a break to go down to Pensacola to look at the fine sailing vessel Cannibal. We really enjoyed our visit with the owners. They are extremely nice folks and are a ready resource of bluewater sailing information. The boat is very nice. It is built to sail in the ocean. It is almost totally ready to go. A couple of minor items need to be taken care of.

The layout is very functional. Lots of storage, lots of tankage, all lines led aft. The hull shape is beautiful. Lots of flare and reserve buoyancy. The after section is nice and broad but is low enough that you can climb right up the sugar scoop from a dinghy to board. The owner said that he has never taken a drop of water over the stern into the cockpit. Very impressive considering that that’s during years of ocean racing and two circumnavigations. The accommodations are pretty nice although the aft bunks are a little tight. Looking at it though we think we can make it work. There are no deck leaks, there is no hull deck joint to leak. Basically we think this is the boat for us. Now we need to get a fix on our finances and determine how much we can offer and then go ahead and make our offer. We are very excited about the prospect of owning this boat and putting lots of miles under the keel.

Here is a picture of Cannibal that we took while there:Cannibal

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  1. vgsmom says:

    The boat looks beautiful. We enjoyed having Kimi to the house Friday, I know Jenna is realy going to miss her.
    Lori Smith

  2. colquitt says:

    Looks good bro. Did you hear about our adventure this week? The El Camino was struck by lightning on Sunday. I made an emergency trip down this week dealing with insurance, checking damage, securing boat, etc. The adjuster said they may just pay off our note and let us fix the damage. I’ll let you know how it works out…pretty amazing timing. Oh, and the plane sold the next day…and this happened three days after we made it official that we are leaving.

  3. maxingout says:

    When we did our circumnavigation, me met Cannibal when we were in the South Pacific. We were surprised to see Cannibal on this site. A second circumnavigation appears to be in the offing. Good for Cannibal and good for you.

  4. Daddio says:

    Hi Maxingout,

    We love your website! It has been a frequent stop in our web surfing as we prepare for our trip. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave input in regard to our progress. It’s good to have a few veterans around to help us stay right side up.

    We may circumnavigate but are not sure yet. Our immediate plans are to cruise for a year. We’ll see what transpires during that time.


  5. maxingout says:

    I’m glad to see that you are doing your adventure as a family. My kids were 14 and 15 years old when we started out. My daughter, Wendy, did 11th and 12th grade on the boat, and my son, David, did 10,11, and 12th grades on the boat using the University of Nebraska curriculum. Now they have both graduated from college, and they are glad that they did the trip. Wendy did half the circumnavigation, and David did the full circumnavigation.

    You don’t need to circumnavigate to have a great adventure. But the tradewinds are great, and they do push you around the world, and you do have a proven yacht on which you will sail on the ocean of your dreams.

    Enjoy. It will be the best years of your life.


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