Today is the first day of John’s official unemployment. So we’re really doing this! We are in the process of selling our worldly goods…lots of them are gone already (still time to come by and claim your items). There’s nothing quite like receiving your last paycheck to make reality set in—let the dwindling of the home equity and life savings begin!!! Wahoo!

We had a moment the other day while looking at pictures of Cannibal when we freaked out a little, but it didn’t last long. We are so excited. The hardest part (as far as we know) is transitioning from living landlocked to living onboard. Once we complete the transition, it should be smooth sailing (how do you write that cartoon/three stooges “nya nya nya” sound?).

Travis and Garrett are at camp and when they return, their rooms will be pretty bare. We have sold Garrett and Kimi’s dressers, so their clothes are either hanging in the closet or in a cardboard box. If they don’t get home soon, they will be sleeping on the floor.

We still have one adorable 9yr old miniature schnauzer that needs a home. She prefers being the only pet and living indoors as much as possible. She doesn’t eat much, doesn’t shed, doesn’t chew anything but her toys. What a marvelous animal. Doesn’t anyone out there NEED a loving companion?

Hopefully our next post will be to announce the sale of our house. If that doesn’t happen, we will announce our move to the boat. Stay tuned.

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