Wow, Cannibal was refloated yesterday. Hauling the boat, new bottom paint, labor to apply it and a few laydays in the yard really adds up! Thankfully in the future we’ll have more options for scheduled haulouts and can choose where it is done. Florida has the highest prices around. Also we’ll be in a position to do a lot (all) of the labor ourselves. I really would rather pay myself $33.00 per foot to prep and paint instead of someone else. But on the brightside, we have had an early initiation into the high cost of boat ownership especially when paying others to do all the work. We knew it was that way but really had no other practical choice this time around. This experience is just additional motivation to make sure we minimize that in the future.

In any case, the boat looks great. We have scheduled tentatively to close the deal on Monday August 13th. If we don’t have a contract on the house by then, we will let a realtor take over and maybe raise the price a bit to help offset the additional commission.

Here is a picture of Cannibal’s underbody and a link to our picture gallery with lots more pics.

Cannibal Hauled Out

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  1. Hey Pastor John,
    How are you? Thanks for fixing that comment I left travis. I wasn’t even thinking about that. Nice boat by the way.

    I hope you have joy filled and blessed day.

    God Bless

    Jordynn Heatherington

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