Monday: loaded up the Suburban with a week’s work of clothes, tools for the boat, and galley stuff for the galley (all in case the tropical storm out there turned into a hurricane and headed for FL causing us to need to move the boat somewhere quick). We got as far as south OKC and the banker called to let us know that if we sign the loan papers in Fl (the reason we were going at this particular time) we would have to pay a state loan tax of $400+! At this point I would just like to say that we LOVE Bank of America!!! We turned the car around and headed back for Mom & Dad’s-after the tearful “goodbyes” & “be careful” and “we’re going to miss you’s”. Psych! We decided that the delay was a sign from God to load up ALL the stuff we wanted to take on the boat, load it up in a U-haul trailer (our essentials kit) and take it now. So we did.

Tuesday: We had to stick around until FedEx delivered the loan papers to our banker , Jonathan (@ the Quail Springs BOA branch–awesome guy–if you’re in OKC, call him for all your banking needs. He just happens to be Miles’ brother for all you VSA peeps.) Anyway, by the time we (John) signed the papers, got gas & freon for the a/c, picked up the sleeping teens at Namama & Papaw’s, changed the ball on the trailer hitch, we finally got out of OKC at 11:30am. 17 hours later—that’s right folks—17 hours!!!!! We arrived in Mary Esther at 4:45 am Wednesday morning. We had a major delay in Dallas-18 wheeler had a bad wreck. Pulling the trailer also slowed us down quite a bit.

Wednesday: By the time we all woke up, it was around 11:00am–not bad considering we were up so late. Garrett and Kimi slept a lot in the car, and Travis and I had little naps, but we tried to stay up to help keep John awake. Kimi & Travis had not seen the boat at all before, so they were pretty anxious to see it. We tromped around on it for a while, then headed back to the house in Mary Esther (the boat is in Pensacola-an hour away). Oh, another cool God thing. The house in Mary Esther. A friend of a friend owns a house in Mary Esther that she lets her family and ministers use for vacations. It’s perfect!!! It has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths and she is letting us stay there as long as we need to. How cool is that?!

Thursday: John and Travis went to Cannibal to install the LectraSan (a potty accessory-look it up), to replace the membrane on the water maker, and some other stuff. While they were down in the bilge they discovered that the engine’s water pump was bad and needs to be replaced. It won’t be in until Tuesday so not sure what we’ll do til then. It’s part of boat ownership–parts.

Now we’re at Panera in front of a glass window where a man just outside is sleeping. Garrett whispers at the window, “Hey, mister!” Oooooh…he must have heard him. He left. That will be all for now. Tune in next post for more excitement from the Votaw’s.

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  1. rwestbrook says:

    Way to go yall! That is exciting! Way to go God!!

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