If you’ve ever seen Steve Martin’s “The Jerk”, you probably remember the scene where he finds out he has lost his fortune. As he is walking out of his house, he says “I don’t need any of this stuff…except this thermos. This thermos is all I need…and this lamp. This thermos and this lamp are all I need…and this chair.” You get the idea.

Well we had to render down our belongings to what we really needed. It is really pretty tough. We made three categories; stuff we wanted to take on the boat, stuff we wanted to save and store, and stuff we were willing to part with. So eventually we ended up with our “essentials kit”… although there is no food, shelter, or love. We’ll get food as we go along, Cannibal is our shelter, and we carry our love everywhere we go anyway.

Here is our “essentials kit” all packed up just before unloading in Pensacola. It’s amazing how much one of those 5 by 8 U-Haul trailers will hold.

Essentials Kit

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  1. ACHampton says:

    Wow! I can’t imagine sorting it all out and packing it up like that. Glad it was you and not me. Although, I would like to be going along on the boat. I pray you all have smooth sailing.
    We went to enroll at VSA this past Saturday. MH shed lots of tears because of no Kimi. We finally convinced her to continue dancing because Kimi would want her to. She’s very afraid she will never see Kimi again. Will you all be coming back to OK after your adventure? We hope so. Take Care!

  2. Shirley says:

    Our plans as of right now are to return to OKC when we are finished-probably in time for school next year. We’re hoping to find a house in Bethany school district because all of the kids want to return to Bethany. So please let Meg know that she will get her Kimi back, and she will most likely return to VSA. The year will go by quick.

    In the short term, we are coming back to OKC next week (or the next) to pack up what’s left in the house and put it in storage. We will be staying with John’s parents in Edmond and we’ll probably be there a week.

    We stowed some stuff on the boat today and it has an amazing amount of storage. We thought we had brought too much stuff, but it’s fitting with room to spare! Later this week, we hope to store the rest and get the kids bunks all organized. We’ll try to post some pics so Kimi’s friends can see what her berth looks like once its been kimi-fied.

    We’ll call when we get to OKC area next week.

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