Well, we have been living on a boat for 3 full months now, and we haven’t gone anywhere. Warning: this may turn into a gripe session–but it won’t last long, maybe…

I never dreamed we would still be in US waters in December! I definitely never planned on being cold. Even in Galveston it’s cold. Last night was 38, and today’s high was 64. We’re all running out of cold weather clothing. We didn’t pack but a couple of pairs of jeans, and a couple of sweatshirts each. The kids didn’t bring any coats, either. We walked to Academy last week and purchased everyone a cheap, fleece-lined windbreaker. I also bought a fleece sock hat for my head at night. It’s so cold at the bow that I can’t sleep because my head is cold. The hat solved the problem, but talk about bedhead—wow! Good thing I brought all those extra comforters and sleeping bags. We’re using them all!

The longer we sit here, the more I want a house. Living on a boat isn’t so fun if it isn’t going anywhere. Did I mention that we share the bayou with two other full-time (apparantly) live aboards? There are two other sailboats anchored out here: one houses a couple of alcoholic/drug addicts who from the looks of them would otherwise be occupying a park bench somewhere–but they seen harmless enough–except for the story we heard that a couple were out sailing with them and the husband got so drunk that he fell overboard and drowned and the others didn’t seem to notice til it was too late. The other boat has a couple on it. It’s a very small boat…too small to live on full time. They have jobs here and seem nice enough-although the guy seems a little moody. The girl is from Cuero and is always nice.

The tourists come by every week, either on the duck tours or in the “Colonel” (Moody Gardens’ faux steamship tour boat). We’ve been here so long, the guide probably points us out as an attraction. The tourists all point and wave–probably jealous (ha). Oh, and there are a couple of shrimp boats that live at a dock over here. They come zipping by at high rates with large wake that rocks us violently–well not as violently as it rocks the little boat, but still, how rude! On weekends, several day-sailors pass by and holler out, “nice boat.” That’s fun.

We got our passports yesterday! Yippee! If only we could go somewhere. (sigh).

And finally, I will end my gripe session with this: I MISS MY DOG! How can I live without a dog? John said I could have a pet gecko, but I only want the one from the Geico commercial that talks like he’s from Australia—he’s cute. Not as cute as Buddy, but it would at least be entertaining. Buddy probably doesn’t even remember us anymore. He probably loves it so much at the Snelson’s that he will never want to leave.
All Kimi and I want for Christmas is our dog. (deep, longing, forlorn sigh).

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