Well our time in Galveston is rapidly coming to an end. The whole reason we have been here is so that we would be close to the USCG Regional Exam Center in Houston so I could take my Merchant Marine License test. Well today I took and passed the last section! Whew! This has been a long arduous process. I testedfor my 1600 ton Master’s License and Unlimited Chief mate License. I’ve held both licenses before but let them expire in 2001. Since they have been expired so long, I had to take all the tests over again. All as in 10 different sections: Flashing Light Signaling, Rules of the Road, Deck General, Safety and Environmental, Stability, Navigation General, Terrestrial Chart Plotting Problems, Terrestrial Navigation Problems, and Celestial Navigation Problems. Each section takes from 2 to 3 hours, so we are talking about around 20 solid hours of testing. I started on Monday and finished today. My brain hurts. I apologize for not posting recently but my brain has been sort of preoccupied until now.

It looks like we have an opportunity to carry some cargo to the Dominican Republic for delivery to Danita’s Children in Haiti. A gentleman in Oklahoma City has donated up to 100 computers to her school. We can carry about 180 cu. ft. of cargo in our forward hold area, so we’ll have to figure out how many that is. Hopefully we can get the boat ready to sail by the end of next week and get the cargo here and possibly be ready to depart Galveston by 12/14 or so.

Things we have to do to get ready to go include:

  • Get charts
  • Do maintenance on the water maker
  • Get the boom goose neck welded. Small hairline crack.
  • Get spare filters and parts for engine, generator, autohelm, toilets.
  • Work on sails – add staysail hanks, add tape to new genoa, repair 100% jib.
  • Fuel up

We have a car for another week and now that I’m not studying any more I will see how much we can get knocked out. We’ll keep you posted.

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