S/V Appledore

Before we began living aboard, I had read in several cruising magazines that cruising was nothing more than boat repair in exotic places. It’s true. There’s always something to fix. This time, it’s the water-maker. Several attempts later at getting parts, we think we have what will work now. We don’t want to leave the US without the water maker working because water is expensive in the Bahamas.

We have seen lots of interesting boats. Cruise ships come and go about every 3-7 days. We’ve had a couple of northers and seen boats bump other boats, one ran aground and had to be towed. There’s always something new and exciting happening. There are some really beautiful boats that have come and gone. We saw a reproduction three-masted schooner, the Dennis Sullivan from Wisconsin. It’s a school and research ship. We’ve also seen several really big mega yachts and charter boats.

Once John repairs the water maker, we will have to wait until the winds change and blow out of the south to cross the Gulf Stream over to the Bahamas. Right now, the earliest we can leave is Wed or Thur…and then only if the winds are right. We’ll see.

John posted some new photos on the website, so check them out.

That’s all for now!

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