“Why is it our favorite topic,” you ask? Because we have no money and we always get some from Uncle Sam!!!

Thanks to President Bush, we also get to benefit from the Economic Stimulus Plan. I don’t agree with it, but I’ll take the money! We didn’t pay any taxes, we don’t owe any taxes, and yet we get money back—(makes no sense to me) but I’ll take it.

And now it’s time for an Awards Speech moment:

I would like to thank my wonderful father-in-law for taking care of our mail, and relaying important information to us. He had to email me all of our tax filing information. We couldn’t do this without him! I would also like to thank my wonderful mother-in-law for helping as well. She has amazing organizational skills (probably better than me, if that’s possible), and she, no doubt, has had a hand in keeping our records orderly. Plus they both check our PO Box several times a week, pray for us, and encourage us when we need it.

I would also like to thank our children for being alive. Because of them, we will be getting $900 from our federal government so we can stimulate the economy of the Bahamas (grin). Not sure that’s what the gov. had in mind, but that’s what will happen. (They will consume it all in food!)

I would like to thank God for creating the beautiful islands we are enjoying, and for the wonderful ocean full of interesting life. Apparantly, God has a different opinion about what a “fair wind” is than I do, but I’m sure He’s right!

OH! And I would like to wish for world peace!

Every year, when I hit the SEND button and file our taxes, I feel like I have just accomplished an amazing feat deserving of an award. I suppose the award is our refund check!

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  2. Ann says:

    Pretty cool when God even uses Uncle Sam to meet your needs. Seems like everytime you all are home I miss seeing you. Hope you are all having a great adventure. Love you all!

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