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Hi all, I’ve posted some pictures in our gallery of the aftermath of Ike. I’ll post some explanation a little later after I get back to OKC. It’s amazing what you learn about mooring in a hurricane after you get through one. Until the next post enjoy the pictures…well maybe not enjoy but hopefully appreciate. Heres one of Cannibal and the boats on our pier. Click to enlarge.


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Well, after living aboard in a marina for over a month now, we have decided to sell Cannibal. It has been a hard decision to reach because we have had such great times on this great boat. I can’t imagine a better cruising boat.

However, we will not be cruising again in the easily foreseeable future.  As much as we love the boat, it just doesn’t make sense to hang on to it for several years until we are ready to cruise again. With three kids to school and a job to do and cars and gasoline and all the other trappings of life back in the “real” world, we need to transition our energy and resources to other things. We are praying for a buyer to come along who will take her back out cruising. That is where she belongs and that is what she does best. We have had some great experiences while aboard and it is our wish that another family will be able to have great experiences with Cannibal too.

If you know anyone who is looking for a boat, send them our way. The details of the boat are on the s/v Cannibal page of this blog and of course, there are lots of pictures in the gallery. We are asking $180,000 which we believe is quite a bargain based on our experience and the other boats that are available on the market.

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OK, everybody. We are officially heading west. Our Caribbean cruise has come to an end. We are leaving Fajardo, P.R. in a few minutes and heading to Great Inagua Island in the Bahamas. After Great Inagua, we will continue to Cay Sal bank (also part of the Bahamas) off the north coast of Cuba. After getting some rest there, we will continue to the Florida Keys. Then it’s across the Gulf to Kemah. We will be tying up in Watergate Yachting Center. We should be in by June 21st or so. The boys are hoping to get back in time to go to Summer Camp in OK on the 23rd. We’ll see how the wind blows.

We’ll update the blog when we can. Ciao for now.

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Well it’s time once again for an installment of Daddio’s Tech Talk. It’s been a while and even though you haven’t heard about it there have been some significant tech’s to talk about. Today we’ll talk about two issues.

Issue #1

First off, as you may know, Cannibal is very unusual in that she has two centerboards…or rather should have two centerboards. On Cannibal, the main board is located just aft of the mast and is used primarily for upwind work. The mizzen board or trimmer board is located further aft toward the after end of the keel. The mizzen board is used primarily for reaching and off the wind work to reduce weather helm. This arrangement is one of the things that makes Cannibal so special. She sails very well balanced at any point of sail if you have the boards adjusted right. While we were sailing from Mona Island to Ponce, the wire pendant that controls the mizzen board broke. “No big deal,” I thought, Read the rest of this entry »

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Well we made it! We finally arrived in the Dominican Republic.Arriving at the DR

We departed Provo on Tuesday, April 8th and headed across the Caicos bank to “Six Hills Cay”. As you might imagine, there are six hills that distinguish this small island. We motored pretty much dead into the wind due to the shallow water and limited room to tack. We arrived in the afternoon and spent a great afternoon and night there. Very clear water, great snorkeling, nice and calm for a good nights sleep. On the way from Provo, we came across a fishing boat that sold us 5 lobsters for $10! What a deal! (We found out later from our friends on “Toucan” that lobster season had closed on April 1st, so that might explain the great deal.) Read the rest of this entry »

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Weather windows rule the “cruising” itinerary, you can “sail” in any weather, but to “cruise”, you have to take it easy and wait for easy going weather. “Type A” personalities have a hard time cruising. You can stick to a schedule if you are so compelled, but there is a good chance that you won’t feel like you’re on a pleasure vessel,  because it may not be very pleasurable in rough weather.

When we crossed the Gulf of Mexico in January, we sailed 800 miles in 8 days; 5 days of that time in very rough and adverse conditions. Of course, if we had waited for a week-long weather window we might still be in Texas. Since then we’ve come an additional 700 miles in about 80 days. We were “sailing” across the Gulf. Now we are cruising. Read the rest of this entry »

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