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OK, where to begin.

Let me introduce myself. I am John, also known as Daddio. I am the patriarch of this expedition. I guess we should start by telling you what it is we are doing.

The Votaw family is preparing to embark on a great adventure. We are selling or giving away almost everything we own and are going to buy a sailboat and spend a year cruising the oceans of the world. By sailboat I don’t mean a little Sunfish or a Hobie Cat. I mean a fifty foot long boat weighing 30 or 40 thousand pounds. Why, you may ask, would we do a thing like that. I suppose that it has been an idea that has floated around in our (mine and Shirley’s) heads for several years.

I was raised around the salt water. I grew up along the Texas gulf coast and spent lots of time messing around down along the bays of south Texas. We always had some sort of sailboat when I was growing up and I developed a real love for the sea as I spent time with my dad sailing and exploring the beaches and barrier islands on the lower Texas coast. When it was time for college, Read the rest of this entry »

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