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Well, after living aboard in a marina for over a month now, we have decided to sell Cannibal. It has been a hard decision to reach because we have had such great times on this great boat. I can’t imagine a better cruising boat.

However, we will not be cruising again in the easily foreseeable future.  As much as we love the boat, it just doesn’t make sense to hang on to it for several years until we are ready to cruise again. With three kids to school and a job to do and cars and gasoline and all the other trappings of life back in the “real” world, we need to transition our energy and resources to other things. We are praying for a buyer to come along who will take her back out cruising. That is where she belongs and that is what she does best. We have had some great experiences while aboard and it is our wish that another family will be able to have great experiences with Cannibal too.

If you know anyone who is looking for a boat, send them our way. The details of the boat are on the s/v Cannibal page of this blog and of course, there are lots of pictures in the gallery. We are asking $180,000 which we believe is quite a bargain based on our experience and the other boats that are available on the market.

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Wow, Cannibal was refloated yesterday. Hauling the boat, new bottom paint, labor to apply it and a few laydays in the yard really adds up! Thankfully in the future we’ll have more options for scheduled haulouts and can choose where it is done. Florida has the highest prices around. Also we’ll be in a position to do a lot (all) of the labor ourselves. I really would rather pay myself $33.00 per foot to prep and paint instead of someone else. But on the brightside, we have had an early initiation into the high cost of boat ownership especially when paying others to do all the work. We knew it was that way but really had no other practical choice this time around. This experience is just additional motivation to make sure we minimize that in the future.

In any case, the boat looks great. We have scheduled tentatively to close the deal on Monday August 13th. If we don’t have a contract on the house by then, we will let a realtor take over and maybe raise the price a bit to help offset the additional commission.

Here is a picture of Cannibal’s underbody and a link to our picture gallery with lots more pics.

Cannibal Hauled Out

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The survey has been done and Cannibal passed her “test” with flying colors. The surveyor was VERY impressed with her, saying that she was the best built boat of that age he had ever seen!

We are so excited and can’t wait to move on board. We are planning on moving on within the next two weeks, whether the house has sold or not. We are having the bottom painted while she is out of water.

Everything in the house is for sale! Give us a call and come by to “shop”! We are ready to clear out everything we aren’t taking with us.

It’s been a long, busy summer. I knew it would take a while to get everything wrapped up on shore, but I never figured we would be here this late!!

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We are having the boat hauled out next week and John will travel to Pensacola to be there for the boat survey/sea trials. The only thing keeping us here now is this house. Somebody needs to buy this house—and our stuff!!!

Now that all the raining seems to have stopped…it’s hot. If I’m gonna be hot, I want to be on the ocean.


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Hello, and happy Friday 13th. This is a great day to buy a boat. We received confirmation today from our fine bankers that we are approved for funding to purchase Cannibal. The money is pending a satisfactory survey for valuation purposes. We are really pumped. The boat’s owners (C.A. and Betty) will be back in town from their travels next week and we will try to get the survey done before the end of the month. Then we should be able to go ahead with the purchase. Yippeeeee!

We also have been told by a friend that she has a family member that has a vacant house in the Pensacola area and that we can stay there for free. That is just such a God thing! You just can’t make this stuff up! If all is as it seems, we will be able to stay in the house there while we are getting things squared away with the boat. How awesome is that!

In addition, another friend has loaned me all of the study materials necessary for passing the tests to renew my License. Can it get any better? I submit that it cannot. Well, we could get a knock on the door from someone who wants to buy our house. However, we know that will happen in God’s timing; so I believe that today isn’t the day for that (although … the day isn’t over yet). In the meantime we are content to marvel at God’s goodness.

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