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We survived the Gulf of Mexico once again, and once again it wasn’t fun. Oh well, whatdya gonna do? There wasn’t a lot of wind, and half the time, the current was pushing us in the wrong direction. However, we got to see a water spout; we also experienced a line of squalls (brief storms with high winds and sometimes rain). The winds were at least 30 knots, but it was brief and provided some much needed excitement, and a cool breeze.

Cannibal is “home” in Kemah, Tx at a marina for a few months. We will be in the process of transitioning back into “normal” life. Currently, we are in OKC picking up our boys, our dog, and our truck. We really like the marina so far. The pool is right by the boat, the restrooms/showers are nice, the other liveaboards are nice, there are a few other doggies… I think it’s going to be good.

Now it’s time to raise ministry funds and acquire a vessel large enough to carry supplies to missionaries. We have plenty of items ready to go… we just need God to provide the ship and the funds. John will be working on raising funds and booking speaking engagements, and looking for a ship. Vacation is over, its time to work!! You can keep up with the ministry progress at!

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We finally saw real, live whales…a huge pod. They were way off in the distance just off Samana Bay(Dominican Republic). We saw a whole lot of spray from their blow holes, and John saw a huge tail fin flip out of the water. They didn’t breach for us, though. We also saw some pilot whales that were much closer. At first, we thought they might be dolphins, but they were pilot whales (which are small whales). Sperm whales live in the Gulf of Mexico, so it’s possible that we will still see more. I would really like them to swim closer to us–not too close, though.

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The good news is:  Kimi is finished with school and has officially graduated from elementary school! Yippee! Wahoo! Hallelujah!

The bad news: She’s now a middle schooler, rapidly approaching teenager syndrome (sniff).

Oh, and more bad news:  the sail has not arrived yet and we have no idea when it will.

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(There’s the makings of a rap song in there somewhere.)

Estamos en Puerto Rico, aka America!! Como esta?

Puerto Rico es La Isla de Encanto (Island of Enchantment)! I’m picking up Spanish a little at a time. We have been trying to speak Spanish all the time to get more fluent. I was very proud of myself for ordering pizza to be delivered (there’s a Domino’s here and we have teenagers on board). I had to get John to tell me where we are so I could tell them where to deliver it, but I did it…oh, and after a while the guy on the phone went to get another guy that told me to speak English because he understood. But still, I did it. Read the rest of this entry »

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What a trip!! We had to wait several days to hear from Danita that things were stable enough to go into Haiti to visit. There had been riots the previous week and one was rumored to happen on Monday. The Haitian government was taking their time unloading a ship full of food. The ship of food sat there rotting while the people were starving. The Haitians had enough and were protesting against the gov.

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We made it!!!! Luperon, Dominican Republic was our destination. We have arrived and completed our main mission. From now on, where we go will be dictated by what we all agree on (that should be interesting).

Now to tell you about Luperon. The landscape here is beautiful… it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen in real life. John said he had read that the movie Jurassic Park was filmed here, so that will help you visualize it. It has both the highest and lowest points in the Carribean. There are mountains all around and there are palm trees growing on the mountains. It’s just beautiful. The other equally beautiful part of the Dominican Republic are the people. They are, on the whole, very attractive people. To top it off, they are some of the most hospitable, friendly, welcoming people. Read the rest of this entry »

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