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Well we made it! We finally arrived in the Dominican Republic.Arriving at the DR

We departed Provo on Tuesday, April 8th and headed across the Caicos bank to “Six Hills Cay”. As you might imagine, there are six hills that distinguish this small island. We motored pretty much dead into the wind due to the shallow water and limited room to tack. We arrived in the afternoon and spent a great afternoon and night there. Very clear water, great snorkeling, nice and calm for a good nights sleep. On the way from Provo, we came across a fishing boat that sold us 5 lobsters for $10! What a deal! (We found out later from our friends on “Toucan” that lobster season had closed on April 1st, so that might explain the great deal.) Read the rest of this entry »

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That’s what the water looks like, only it’s more clear than Jello. It’s like transparent blue jello, or powerade. It’s yummy looking! The shallower water is the most beautiful shade of turquoise. It looks like a very large, very refreshing swimming pool. We can see the bottom no matter whether we’re in 6 feet of water or 60!

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We arrived in Georgetown this afternoon. This is a real town.

They are having a music festival in town starting tonight and tonight is gospel night. We are anchored right offshore from downtown so we can hear the music very well. They just finished a rocked-up island beat version of “Victory in Jesus”. It was awesome.

We had a great sail down from Musha Cay today. We were gonna wait another day and do some snorkleing up there but we had a nice west-southwest wind so we figured it was a gift from God to make our trip to Georgetown easy. So far it’s worked out great…what with the gospel music and all. Now they are doing Kirk Franklin’s “Stomp.” Very cool!

Internet is a little dodgy on board right now so I’ll go ahead and end this post before I lose it. We’ll post more later.

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Well we left Warderick Wells yesterday. After creating a sign for Boo Boo hill, we bid farewell to Exumas Cay Land and Sea park. Now we are anchored just west of Big Majors Spot (it’s and island) which in just next to Staniel Key. This is where they filmed the movies Thunderball and Splash among others. There is a cave that you can swim into that is supposed to be awesome. It is called Thunderball cave or grotto. We are gong to go check it out this afternoon. We don’t have an underwater camera so we’ll just have to describe it for you after we check it out.

Tomorrow we are heading south again toward Georgetown. We will spend the night somewhere along the way and then arrive on the 13th. So until then, here is a picture of a Bananaquit eating sugar out of Garrett’s hand. Check out the gallery for more.


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Well we have been at Warderick Wells Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park for two days now and I still haven’t taken any pictures. I’ve been volunteering each day with the park folks. Yesterday Kimi and I volunteered. Kimi sifted sand on the beach. She sifted 10 gallons of sand. The park uses it for sandblasting and cement I think. I worked on the plumbing on the parks desalinization watermaker system.

Today the whole family turned to and worked from 9am till noon. Travis and Garrett got to try there hand at being “wreckers.” They cleaned up the remains of a wrecked Haitian boat that was up on one of the beaches. Shirley and Kimi got to dig in the sand. They dug up some long round timbers that were buried near the park headquarters. I’m not sure what they are going to use them for. Kimi also got to search the garden fence for a hole in the chickenwire (which she quickly found). A hutia got in last night and was eating all the veggies. He got caught in a live trap and was a really cute little guy. Looks kind of like a prairie dog. I got to work on the watermaker again. It seems that there was a problem with one of the pump relays that prevented the saltwater feed pump from shutting off. This led to the pump overheating which caused lots of problems with the PVC piping adjacent to the pump. I was able to troubleshoot that problem and get it fixed. Now Warderick Wells is making water again.

Everyone was worn out by noon since we have been pretty sedentary lately. So we adjourned back to Cannibal and chilled out the rest of the afternoon.

Since I don’t have any new pictures posted, I thought I’d share a special treat. Here is a little video from our trip so far. Just click the picture!

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I now know, first hand, why some people leave it all behind and move here! This place is like heaven. There is beautiful water everywhere, and beautiful beaches. I want to live here!

We are in the Exuma’s, island hopping. We stopped for a couple of days at Allan’s Cay to play with the Iguanas. They used to roam all of the Bahamas, but they’ve been almost wiped out. Allan’s Cay is one of the few islands here that they are in large numbers. When we landed on shore, a couple of dozen rushed to “greet” us. Excursion tour boats bring tourists here to feed them (which you’re not supposed to do), so the iguanas are pretty hospitable towards humans. We didn’t feed them, but we did “hang” with them. John and I lounged on the beach while Kimi made them a giant sandcastle. The boys were off exploring the island.

We spent a few days in Hawksbill Cay playing on the beaches and roasting marshmallows in the fire we made on the beach. We just arrived in Emerald Rock near Warderrick Wells. We’ll stay here a few days at least. This is home to a land and sea park, so there’s lots to see and do here. The kids already saw a nurse shark near the park office! Check out the new pictures in our gallery.

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