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Hi all, I’ve posted some pictures in our gallery of the aftermath of Ike. I’ll post some explanation a little later after I get back to OKC. It’s amazing what you learn about mooring in a hurricane after you get through one. Until the next post enjoy the pictures…well maybe not enjoy but hopefully appreciate. Heres one of Cannibal and the boats on our pier. Click to enlarge.


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Well, after living aboard in a marina for over a month now, we have decided to sell Cannibal. It has been a hard decision to reach because we have had such great times on this great boat. I can’t imagine a better cruising boat.

However, we will not be cruising again in the easily foreseeable future.  As much as we love the boat, it just doesn’t make sense to hang on to it for several years until we are ready to cruise again. With three kids to school and a job to do and cars and gasoline and all the other trappings of life back in the “real” world, we need to transition our energy and resources to other things. We are praying for a buyer to come along who will take her back out cruising. That is where she belongs and that is what she does best. We have had some great experiences while aboard and it is our wish that another family will be able to have great experiences with Cannibal too.

If you know anyone who is looking for a boat, send them our way. The details of the boat are on the s/v Cannibal page of this blog and of course, there are lots of pictures in the gallery. We are asking $180,000 which we believe is quite a bargain based on our experience and the other boats that are available on the market.

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The good news is:  Kimi is finished with school and has officially graduated from elementary school! Yippee! Wahoo! Hallelujah!

The bad news: She’s now a middle schooler, rapidly approaching teenager syndrome (sniff).

Oh, and more bad news:  the sail has not arrived yet and we have no idea when it will.

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Hi Folks, We’ll be updating our blog software to the newly released WordPress 2.5 today. So if the site is down, not to worry, try again later. We will also flesh out the other pages, including the broken kids page and the boat page. We will also be adding a cruising guide/local knowledge type page for those interested in treading where we have trod. The site won’t be down long but the page content changes may take a while. We’ll keep you posted!

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“Why is it our favorite topic,” you ask? Because we have no money and we always get some from Uncle Sam!!!

Thanks to President Bush, we also get to benefit from the Economic Stimulus Plan. I don’t agree with it, but I’ll take the money! We didn’t pay any taxes, we don’t owe any taxes, and yet we get money back—(makes no sense to me) but I’ll take it.

And now it’s time for an Awards Speech moment:

I would like to thank my wonderful father-in-law for taking care of our mail, and relaying important information to us. He had to email me all of our tax filing information. We couldn’t do this without him! I would also like to thank my wonderful mother-in-law for helping as well. She has amazing organizational skills (probably better than me, if that’s possible), and she, no doubt, has had a hand in keeping our records orderly. Plus they both check our PO Box several times a week, pray for us, and encourage us when we need it.

I would also like to thank our children for being alive. Because of them, we will be getting $900 from our federal government so we can stimulate the economy of the Bahamas (grin). Not sure that’s what the gov. had in mind, but that’s what will happen. (They will consume it all in food!)

I would like to thank God for creating the beautiful islands we are enjoying, and for the wonderful ocean full of interesting life. Apparantly, God has a different opinion about what a “fair wind” is than I do, but I’m sure He’s right!

OH! And I would like to wish for world peace!

Every year, when I hit the SEND button and file our taxes, I feel like I have just accomplished an amazing feat deserving of an award. I suppose the award is our refund check!

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S/V Appledore

Before we began living aboard, I had read in several cruising magazines that cruising was nothing more than boat repair in exotic places. It’s true. There’s always something to fix. This time, it’s the water-maker. Several attempts later at getting parts, we think we have what will work now. We don’t want to leave the US without the water maker working because water is expensive in the Bahamas. Read the rest of this entry »

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