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Well we’re back in OKC. We are making arrangements for our remaining stuff to be either stored, sold, or given away. Lots of trips to my parents attic and lots of boxes to fill. We plan to head back to Pensacola midweek next week.

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Well, for those who have been wondering, we haven’t fallen off the edge of the world. We have been very busy however.

After we arrived in Florida, we were staying in a house in Mary Esther, about 40 miles east of Pensacola. The drive from the house to the boat was about one hour. So needless to say we were spending a lot of time on the road. But that was not to last for long.

On the first full day here, Thursday the 16th, I began going throught the boat’s systems with C. A. (he sold us the boat) As we were looking at the engine, C. A. noticed some surface rust on the port side that hadn’t been there before. Read the rest of this entry »

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If you’ve ever seen Steve Martin’s “The Jerk”, you probably remember the scene where he finds out he has lost his fortune. As he is walking out of his house, he says “I don’t need any of this stuff…except this thermos. This thermos is all I need…and this lamp. This thermos and this lamp are all I need…and this chair.” You get the idea.

Well we had to render down our belongings to what we really needed. It is really pretty tough. We made three categories; stuff we wanted to take on the boat, stuff we wanted to save and store, and stuff we were willing to part with. So eventually we ended up with our “essentials kit”… although there is no food, shelter, or love. We’ll get food as we go along, Cannibal is our shelter, and we carry our love everywhere we go anyway.

Here is our “essentials kit” all packed up just before unloading in Pensacola. It’s amazing how much one of those 5 by 8 U-Haul trailers will hold.

Essentials Kit

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Monday: loaded up the Suburban with a week’s work of clothes, tools for the boat, and galley stuff for the galley (all in case the tropical storm out there turned into a hurricane and headed for FL causing us to need to move the boat somewhere quick). We got as far as south OKC and the banker called to let us know that if we sign the loan papers in Fl (the reason we were going at this particular time) we would have to pay a state loan tax of $400+! At this point I would just like to say that we LOVE Bank of America!!! We turned the car around and headed back for Mom & Dad’s-after the tearful “goodbyes” & “be careful” and “we’re going to miss you’s”. Psych! We decided that the delay was a sign from God to load up ALL the stuff we wanted to take on the boat, load it up in a U-haul trailer (our essentials kit) and take it now. So we did. Read the rest of this entry »

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