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Well we did it! We managed to hang around the US until the end of the year. This is not what we had in mind. But everything takes a little longer on a boat. So in order to help maintain our sanity we are going to do a brief recap of our activities aboard since September. We have come a long way, even though we haven’t gone very far. Read the rest of this entry »

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Well, we have been living on a boat for 3 full months now, and we haven’t gone anywhere. Warning: this may turn into a gripe session–but it won’t last long, maybe…

I never dreamed we would still be in US waters in December! I definitely never planned on being cold. Even in Galveston it’s cold. Last night was 38, and today’s high was 64. We’re all running out of cold weather clothing. We didn’t pack but a couple of pairs of jeans, and a couple of sweatshirts each. The kids didn’t bring any coats, either. Read the rest of this entry »

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Well, I’ve tried to avoid telling about it; but the silence is deafening. Shirley mentioned our running aground in Galveston. I’m sure you are all interested in what happened, so here is the whole story. It all started with us deciding to leave Galveston in the afternoon. We really hadn’t planned on leaving that day but our dinghy outboard was out of commission and parts weren’t readily available. Being at anchor has limited appeal when you can’t easily get ashore. Especially after the trip along the ICW through Louisiana. We were interested in a little shore time. Our dinghy is an 11′ RIB (Rigid Hull Inflatable) so it really isn’t meant for rowing. Just ask our boys, they paddled six passengers to and from the boat. It looked like hard work to me. So being eager to arrive at our destination, we raised anchor and headed west.

We were outbound in Offatts Bayou channel approaching the intercoastal. All we had to do was “keep it between the markers” how hard can it be? Read the rest of this entry »

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