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We finally saw real, live whales…a huge pod. They were way off in the distance just off Samana Bay(Dominican Republic). We saw a whole lot of spray from their blow holes, and John saw a huge tail fin flip out of the water. They didn’t breach for us, though. We also saw some pilot whales that were much closer. At first, we thought they might be dolphins, but they were pilot whales (which are small whales). Sperm whales live in the Gulf of Mexico, so it’s possible that we will still see more. I would really like them to swim closer to us–not too close, though.

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OK, everybody. We are officially heading west. Our Caribbean cruise has come to an end. We are leaving Fajardo, P.R. in a few minutes and heading to Great Inagua Island in the Bahamas. After Great Inagua, we will continue to Cay Sal bank (also part of the Bahamas) off the north coast of Cuba. After getting some rest there, we will continue to the Florida Keys. Then it’s across the Gulf to Kemah. We will be tying up in Watergate Yachting Center. We should be in by June 21st or so. The boys are hoping to get back in time to go to Summer Camp in OK on the 23rd. We’ll see how the wind blows.

We’ll update the blog when we can. Ciao for now.

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The good news is:  Kimi is finished with school and has officially graduated from elementary school! Yippee! Wahoo! Hallelujah!

The bad news: She’s now a middle schooler, rapidly approaching teenager syndrome (sniff).

Oh, and more bad news:  the sail has not arrived yet and we have no idea when it will.

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I can’t remember where we were when I last posted. I think it was St. Thomas. We had not expected to see the BVI’s, we thought we would only get to visit the USVI’s, but our sail was delayed, so we decided to go for it. While we were in St. Thomas, we got wind of a wooden boat regatta that was being held Memorial Day weekend on Jost Van Dyke (a BVI). Naturally, we had to go. It was incredible (brilliant, for all you Brits). Not only did we get to see lots of cool wooden boats in the anchorage, but John managed to get an invitation for him and the boys to help crew on one of the big boats!!!! They were in heaven!! Read the rest of this entry »

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Well it’s time once again for an installment of Daddio’s Tech Talk. It’s been a while and even though you haven’t heard about it there have been some significant tech’s to talk about. Today we’ll talk about two issues.

Issue #1

First off, as you may know, Cannibal is very unusual in that she has two centerboards…or rather should have two centerboards. On Cannibal, the main board is located just aft of the mast and is used primarily for upwind work. The mizzen board or trimmer board is located further aft toward the after end of the keel. The mizzen board is used primarily for reaching and off the wind work to reduce weather helm. This arrangement is one of the things that makes Cannibal so special. She sails very well balanced at any point of sail if you have the boards adjusted right. While we were sailing from Mona Island to Ponce, the wire pendant that controls the mizzen board broke. “No big deal,” I thought, Read the rest of this entry »

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We just dropped our anchor in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. We are anchored right across from the cruise ship dock. It’s beautiful here. We walked around the dock area, but most shops/stores close at 5:00pm, so we just walked around. It’s very clean, and landscaped. We saw grass that was put there on purpose and cared for, and lots of pretty flowers. Culebra was very dry and had a lot of cacti. Read the rest of this entry »

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