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We are now in Culebra, Puerto Rico which is considered a Spanish Virgin Islands. We are hanging out here for a week or so. This anchorage has mooring balls and is behind a large reef, so it’s nice and calm. The water is clear, too so we can swim off the boat.

We’ve had BBQ’s on a little island a couple of times with several other boats here.

We are planning to day trip over to Culebrita tomorrow where there is a lighthouse and baths–jacuzzi-like swimming holes.

John found Otto (our “pet” the auto pilot) some new belts and they arrived two days ago, so we’re happy about that. He got 4 so we would have plenty of spares!

We’re feeling like it might be time to head home soon, so John and I are going to have to sit down and map out a plan for the virgin islands, then figure out which way to go to get home. It’s all downwind sailing from here, so we’re all looking forward to some easy sailing–no more windward ho!!!

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(There’s the makings of a rap song in there somewhere.)

Estamos en Puerto Rico, aka America!! Como esta?

Puerto Rico es La Isla de Encanto (Island of Enchantment)! I’m picking up Spanish a little at a time. We have been trying to speak Spanish all the time to get more fluent. I was very proud of myself for ordering pizza to be delivered (there’s a Domino’s here and we have teenagers on board). I had to get John to tell me where we are so I could tell them where to deliver it, but I did it…oh, and after a while the guy on the phone went to get another guy that told me to speak English because he understood. But still, I did it. Read the rest of this entry »

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What a trip!! We had to wait several days to hear from Danita that things were stable enough to go into Haiti to visit. There had been riots the previous week and one was rumored to happen on Monday. The Haitian government was taking their time unloading a ship full of food. The ship of food sat there rotting while the people were starving. The Haitians had enough and were protesting against the gov.

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Our week of internet is expiring in a matter of minutes, so I will not have time to post about our trip to Haiti yesterday. It was a day full of excitement, so it will be  long post. We will be leaving here soon, though, heading to Puerto Rico. Once in Puerto Rico, we should have internet again and I will be able to tell about our experiences!!!

Hasta la vista, baby!

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We made it!!!! Luperon, Dominican Republic was our destination. We have arrived and completed our main mission. From now on, where we go will be dictated by what we all agree on (that should be interesting).

Now to tell you about Luperon. The landscape here is beautiful… it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen in real life. John said he had read that the movie Jurassic Park was filmed here, so that will help you visualize it. It has both the highest and lowest points in the Carribean. There are mountains all around and there are palm trees growing on the mountains. It’s just beautiful. The other equally beautiful part of the Dominican Republic are the people. They are, on the whole, very attractive people. To top it off, they are some of the most hospitable, friendly, welcoming people. Read the rest of this entry »

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This is the scenario:

Every other boat we know of: “We just saw whales breach”; “They’re all around us”; “They’re leaping just to our port side”; “We spotted them jumping out of the water at the south end of the island”; “We saw them coming out of the channel at Salt Cay”..


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